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While I was a PhD student at Penn, I always looked up to Ken, and he was always so generous with practical and useful advice. Even after leaving -- he helped me think about my career (in industry vs academia), and though I was no longer in Philly, his influence in the fields of GIS and spatial data science for public policy made it always seem like he was near. In fact, just before I learned of his passing, I had just recommended his new book to another colleague, and I was just browsing his Twitter feed to see what he was up to....It truly is shocking to me that he is no longer with us. To the family -- Ken truly was a genius, known for his leadership in spatial data science (even among my colleagues at Monsanto, of all places!) a generous, and courageous man, who will be missed, and always be remembered. This photo was taken in 2017 -- right after I had just become a father (Ken offered much encouragement on dad life as well!), at my graduation from Penn. My sincere condolences for your loss, you are in our thoughts. Sincerely, Theo Lim