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Sharon Williams

Celeste Damita Jo Williams Kenney

May 28, 1954 - November 04, 2019

MEMORIAL DATE & LOCATION TBA. We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Celeste Damita Jo Williams Kenney . Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan her Celebration of Life Memorial, we will post updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

My only sister. She NEVER stood in judgement of me. My daughter's other mother; my retirement ride or die partner in da game of life. I started a sentence and she'd finish. We played word games using one word clues because...  see more
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  • Sharon Williams
    Created by Fotoplay :
  • Sharon Williams
    My heart beats because you are living within it.
  • Sharon Williams
    A lot changes in a year; without my Sis the road becomes a lingering trail of tears.
  • Shamika Stapleton
    It was a great pleasure to have service you over the years thank you for believing in me ❤🙏🏽
  • Nija Linnear
    Found these pictures and had to share!
  • Sharon Williams
    From Savina:
    I wanted to give a treatment for Celeste and you. I know In This Moment that Celeste has made her transition in her own time and she is surrounded by light and joy peace. Her spirit is at peace and is with joy and is Limitless. She's with...  more
  • Adrea Delaney
    To the world’s best sister , Sharon Williams , job well done. You were the best sister and Celeste knew it. I can remember her writing on Facebook that she was taught since she was the baby sister you were suppose to spoil her and let her have her way....  more
    • Adrea Delaney
      Sharon Williams So kind. Thank you. My sister was my greatest friend. I miss our talks. It's quiet in my head.
      • November 19, 2019
  • Jacquelynne Winn
    Damita Jo,when I first met you I thought you & Sharon had the biggest beautiful smile ever!! I was totally honored to be a part of your birthday part this year & I know you’re having one the best right now!!!!! I will have the memory of you in my heart...  more
    • Jacquelynne Winn
      Sharon Williams Once Celeste found out you were related to Doris, you were FAM!
      • November 19, 2019
  • Jocelyn Watson
    Cousin Celeste was an awesome person, so warm and loving. I always felt welcomed when I came to gatherings. She and her mom came to my house warming and that felt so good for an extended cousin to find time for me. While I'm sad she is gone, I'm...  more
  • Sharon Williams
    Dear Sharon,
    May the Lord continue to bless and comfort you. I think I'm still in denial. My sister, my friend can't be gone. We met in 1969 on our way to school and have been inseparable ever since that day. We could look at each other and know what...  more
  • Elaine Hawkins
    Heartbroken such a beautiful spirit. Will miss you so much. Will remember the all the good times. And will cherish your memory always. Love you cous
  • Lillian Pulphus-Greene
    THAT'S CELESTE; My cousin. We always laughed so hard when we exchange those words. This is so heartbreaking 💔. But I know you're at rest and your soul is at peace. You're at home in God's arms. I will miss your smile and hearing your laughter . Just...  more
  • Sherilyn Clark
    My auntie Wolfie i have known her almost 45 years Celeste was a friend of my auntie Joyce. She has been around for many family celebrations one for sure was my grandmother birthday they were a day apart.So she was always there for Mulls special day...  more
  • Aries Duncan
    I meet Celeste 11yrs ago. Her Spirit was so sweet and kind. Celeste and I enjoyed linedancing together in Country Club Hills, where we shared many laughs. So glad my Daughter and I was able to Celebrate her 65th Birthday with her this year. The Sharon...  more
  • Debra S Walls
    My husband and I were so glad we were able to attend and celebrate Celeste’s 65th birthday! She was all smiles and enjoying her family and friends who came out to celebrate and honor her. That Beautiful smile and her warm embrace is what I will always...  more
  • Darrell Williams
    Celeste was and will forever be one of the best people I had the pleasure of knowing all my life...and not because she was my sister...but only because of the light that followed her wherever she went. NO ONE ever had a bad or negative thing to say about...  more
  • Tina Bowman
    Wow this is a tough one. I loved Celeste smile. She was always so nice and pleasant. People like he made it easy to be in a new surrounding (line dancing). I felt comfortable when she was around andddddddd she was funny. It was such an honor to be at her...  more
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    • Tina Bowman
      Sharon Williams Celeste loved your wedded bliss! She thought the two if you were like the topping on the cake. She followed your classes in FB and would tell me how much she enjoyed it. Thank you, Deeva, for making my sister feel involved!
      • November 8, 2019
  • Sue Ontiveros
    I always could tell that the tie that united you and Celeste was so much more than your caregiving with her health challenges. Reading this beautiful obituary proves that. The giving and sharing was a two-way street. I kept up with your posts about...  more
  • Gerald Clark
    Celeste made many cherished/shared memories with me. Living in Maple Park on 117th & Justine, Celeste would meet me and others to walk north to 115th Street to catch the bus to Curtis(Fenger freshmen branch) 1968-69. Oh, the conversations & laughter we...  more
  • Nija Linnear
    Celeste Kenney was an amazing woman, manager, and friend. She will truly be missed. My prayers and condolences are with your family. I pray that they will celebrate your long life, and realize that you will forever and always be with them in spirit....  more
  • Zalika Williams
    I am not good at writing these as its hard to limit the stories and good memories that we shared. When I wasn't with my mother, I was with my aunt. We spent a lot of time binging and bonding over tv shows like Seinfeld or soap operas and restaurants like...  more
  • Dawn Avery
    Sharon and Celeste came to dance with me when I first started teaching. It's funny I didnt think they liked me but I was so wrong😀. All these years (9) they have become family to me😀. When Celeste could no longer dance she still came to partys...  more
  • Sharon Williams
    I miss us!