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Katie Latier

Elizabeth "BJ" Infante

January 21, 1944 - December 09, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Elizabeth "BJ" Infante. Please share stories, your feelings, reminisce, and connect with the large group of friends and family that will miss BJ. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Abbie Pon
    Since moving to California and visiting Madison, seeing BJ was something I looked forward to. She was always engaged in what I was up to and we had always had great conversation. When Ardyn and Cole came into the world they also began looking forward to...  more
  • Carole Doeppers
    • Carole Doeppers
      Carole Doeppers So many good times with BJ and her friends over the years. We miss her deeply. Carole and Dan Doeppers
      • July 27, 2021
  • Carol Tobin
    I met BJ at Trinity College where we were classmates. She was always a positive force. What I remember most is her joy in music. She always had a song on her lips. She knew all the lyrics and when something in a conversation would remind her of a song,...  more
  • Georgie Palmer
    We've really lost a shining star with Elizabeth's passing. We were friends at school at the beginning of our friendship, and I remember our regular late Friday afternoon talks when we would discuss kids, lessons and struggles. Elizabeth always took...  more
  • Leora Weitzman
    Oh! Yes! I forgot that side of her--Charades! How could I forget Charades?!
  • Katie Latier
    For 6 summers Carole Doeppers and I "directed" a summer play with the Fayram and Doepper kids. The kids wrote the plays. BJ was almost always with us and played what we would call ""character" parts. Here are some of the...  more
  • Leora Weitzman
    I second what Andy said. Yes, a genuine and God-given gift. BJ could talk to anyone, was curious about everyone, and would extend a 20-minute dog walk into an hour-long event of getting to know neighbors along the route. My world got much bigger thanks...  more
  • Andy Fayram
    I always looked forward to BJ being at any event. Her presence guaranteed that at least one person would be genuinely interested in talking to me and everyone at the event! Some people are good at talking to people because over time they have developed...  more
  • Jean Bahr
    Remembering lots of good times, including dinners with friends, trips to the flakeout festival in The Dells, Dr. Evermore's sculpture garden, and of course APT and Forward Theater.
  • Jean Bahr
    Jean Bahr added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Elizabeth "BJ" Infante:
  • Katie Latier
    Katie Latier added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Elizabeth "BJ" Infante:
    Nana with Grandkids
    UW Badger Game- November 2019
    BJ Visit to Colorado after first surgery- August 2018
    Thanksgiving 2018
    Nana with Will
  • Katie Latier
    Katie Latier added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Elizabeth "BJ" Infante:
    Nana with grandkids  Will and Johnny
    Crater Lake Trip 2017
    Domincan Republic Trip with Katie Latier and family. January 2019
    Fun Times in the Dominican Republic Jan 2019
    Sunflower Farm- Colorado
  • Katie Latier
    Katie Latier added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Elizabeth "BJ" Infante:
    Katie and BJ
    Nana with William Latier, age 2.5yrs
    Latier/Mrazik trip to Sun River, OR with BJ.
    Thanksgiving 2018
    Nana with baby William
  • Katie Latier
    You were a great Nana to Will and Johnny. They loved when you read stories to them, and danced with them. We have so many fond memories of celebrating Christmas with you every year too. We will miss your vibrant smile, gregarious nature and music loving spirit!