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Heather Raglione

Eugene L Waldrupe

November 30, 1969 - January 18, 2020

Please share stories, pictures, or anything else you'd like to share about this amazing Father, Partner, Friend, Worker, and all around great man. We like to be a place to just feel closer to Gene. No judgement, no disrespect to others or what they choose to share. Everybody had a different relationship with...  see more

Who was Gene?? Gene was born in November 1969 in Portland, Oregon to Marsha and Howard Waldrupe. He was the oldest and only son of the 3 children. He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after his parents divorce. There he lived on his Grandparents dairy farm. Every morning he had to help grandpa milk all the cows before he'd head off to school. Gene use to tell me how he'd fall asleep leaning on the cow that he was suppose to be milking....  see more
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